Acts1013 Ranch

Acts1013 Ranch was named from the Bible verse Acts 10:13. This is when God puts Peter into a deep trance and lowers from the sky a large white sheet filled with all kinds of animals. Peter is famished and as the sheet hits the ground, the animals begin running everywhere. Peter wakes up and a voice from heaven says, "Get up Peter; kill and eat them." (Acts 10:13)

Acts1013 - A Hunting Experience - Trophy Game Hunting

At Acts1013, we hold a deep respect for the animals that God has given us dominion over. We acknowledge that these animals provide us with food, clothing, and a beautiful trophy for our walls to commemorate The Hunt Experience that God has so graciously provided.

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Acts1013 - A Hunt Experience
Acts1013 - A Hunt Experience - Trophy Hunting in Texas

Trophy Hunts

The Acts1013 Ranch is home to a large number of Whitetail, Axis, Black Buck, Fallow, and Red Stag deer populations. All highly managed with world class genetics.

Acts1013 - A Hunt Experience - Meat Hunting in Texas

Meat Hunts

Hunt your own meats at the Acts1013 Ranch. From a variety of trophy deer species, to wild hogs and duck; our game meats are sure to please your friends & family at the dinner table.

Acts1013 - A Hunt Experience - Hunting Lodge in Texas


Our peaceful & modern lodge can comfortably accommodate up to 12 guests. It also features a large outdoor patio with a firepit, bar, and a hot tub for entertaining guests. All meals are included with lodging.

A North Texas Adventure

Travel to the ranch is easy! The Acts1013 Ranch is located only 1 hour away from Ft. Worth, 1 hour 45 minutes from DFW airport, and 2 hours from Dallas. It is also a short 7 minutes away from beautiful Possum Kingdom Lake.

Guided Bow Fishing trips at the lake are also available.

Acts1013 - A Hunt Experience - Gallery Photo
Acts1013 - A Hunt Experience - Gallery Photo
Acts1013 - A Hunt Experience - Gallery Photo
Acts1013 - A Hunt Experience - Gallery Photo
Acts1013 - A Hunt Experience - Gallery Photo
Acts1013 - A Hunt Experience - Gallery Photo

Hunting at Acts1013

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